Monday, October 26, 2009

Tony Allen, Jimi Tenor - Inspiration Information 4

Tony Allen, musical director of Fela Kuti’s Africa 70 band in the critical years of 1968-1979, collaborates with veteran Finnish weirdo Jimi Tenor for a horn/electronics/afro-beat drums showdown. Word has it that Tenor has been on an afro-beat kick for the last few years, so this ought to have his little Finnish heart racing.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Hexlove - Harp Drafts

Drum music. The prospect can strike fear and hope in your heart at once. Zac Nelson's Hexlove project is apparently worthy of the hope option. The phrase "drums at the forefront" caught my eye on the WFMU write-up for Harp Drafts on the Free Music Archive. I gave in, checked it out, and am currently being pummeled by warm, room-reverberated drummings, off-the-cuff and accompanied by (pre-programmed?) synthetic harp pluckings. What if you went to a local show tonight and during sound check the drummer when prompted by the unamused sound man plays not just the single bass drum, then tom, then snare, then whole kit, but starts feeling it out all at once. Playing deliberately, analyzing every strike, the reverberations, the vibration coming up through his/her throne and back into the legs. The sound check melts from the mundane, peremptory showings-off of a shirtless drummer into a space-age romance of drummer and drums, the bouncing echoes of harp a backdrop for the intimate workout taking place before your ears and eyes. This is "Harp Loves" the lead-off track.

Friday, October 23, 2009

White Rainbow - New Clouds

White Rainbow is Adam Forkner. New Clouds is the new White Rainbow disc, my first listen since Prism of the Eternal Now from 2007. Forkner then (and so far now) sent my head to places that could have been constructed by a child magician with the power to turn noises of play into authentic studio productions - the funny utterances that babies make with their mouths when they're learning to talk, or later, when they're older, the imitations of machinery, the discovery of onomatopoeia. Which isn't to say that this is a bunch of gross mouth farts, I don't quite know how to put it. Maybe if all those early expositions of the language center of the brain were played through a vocoder... . Anyway, this is music founded on drone, and rich like so many self-proclaimed "post-rock" bands, but it is a childish, playful music. It gets to some primal joy in play that only the most dedicated of musical/anthropological retrospectivists can achieve, but White Rainbow does this without sounding unconventional or even difficult (though I often hope for both of those).

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

AU w/ Parenthetical Girls - live on dublab 05.28.08

I first heard AU (eh yoo) in a live set on WFMU sometime last year. I was struck by the raw materials used, the unfolding of beautiful things but with an obvious stream of consciousness approach. This was desparate, humane and deeply contemplative stuff, but playful nevertheless. I dug up the latest album Verbs, which was lovely, but did not stick with me like the live outing. So I'm happy today to discover another live set of AU from the middle of last year posted to the Free Music Archive by dublab last month, but this set is with Parenthetical Girls also in the mix.

Mahavishnu Orchestra - Between Nothingness & Eternity

Ok, so this is the first post and I'm already going to violate the premise of this blog by posting an album that I've heard many times. What's more, I'm ruthlessly poaching content from a dead blog that I could not find the motivation to sustain. It's not a review. Consider it a test post. The original source was the first and last in a series of posts on Luminaries of Eastern Fascination. And it follows.